Feline follies.

I wrote the following post on Xanga.  I’m trying it here…

It’s not plagiarism when you “copy” from your own writings.



As cat owners for around 50 years, we have had many different cats and…they are all unique.  Each one has it’s own idiosyncracies.  Each one has a unique personality.

I’ve written about all of the cats that we have had for the past 50 years , each with it’s own story and each  occupying a special but different place in our treasure house of memories…When thinking of each cat that we have ever owned, I always think of our lives and what we were doing at the time…Also what was going on in the world.

With Sam, for instance, our children were toddlers. During Sam’s reign,  at first, the world seem peaceful but then it was the early 60’s and the beginning of the Civil Rights protests in the South…During Bim’s time with us,  JFK  was assassignated and I guess I could go on with each cat and what was happening in the world as well as in our own family but that would make for a very long blog.

We are just beginning to become acquainted with our present cat family, Phoebe and Lollipop..as most of you know, are both rescues and since we got them when they were a little older, it took awhile for them to adjust and learn about us…We’ve had Phoebe a year and Lollipop a little less than a year.

Phoebe seems to be the more affectionate one…wanting to sleep on our bed, sit on John’s lap and purr around our legs….that sort of thing.  Lollipop shows her affection quite differently…She is affectionate but she almost seems to feel more at ease with Phoebe or Puff.  If we go to pet her or pick her up…she trots off.  She’s getting better but she doesn’t always seem to trust our motives.  Now, if we are sitting in a certain chair, she will come over and ask to sit on our lap…She doesn’t wait for an answer…she just jumps up and sits.  She adores Puff and spars with Phoebe.  You would think that when guests came over, Phoebe would be the friendly one,..and Lolli would hide.  But we have learned that the only thing predictable about cats is that they are unpredictable.  When the family came a few weeks ago, Phoebe was not to be seen and Lolli couldn’t control her curiosity and simply had to come and see what was going on…Phoebe is John’s cat and I sense that she misses him…

Below is a picture of Phoebe who seems to harbor mysterious and deep thoughts…A creature of elegance as you can see here.


One of the Christmas presents from our daughter was a doormat/rug that I had spotted while with her one day and since I thought it was so cute, she got it for me.



It’s Lollipop’s favorite Christmas present…

She wrestles with it, uses it for a scratching post and…

finds it a useful spot for a nap..


Below (and this is the reason for this entry…I wanted to share this video..

Lollipop is trying her darndest to find out just how this “fancy” water dish works.


Next time coming to a blog near you…

John’s visit to Cleveland.

(On Tuesday, I said I would write a more detailed account “tomorrow”)

Since Tuesday’s tomorrow was Wednesday…

I guess I didn’t.  However I will,….soon

(that covers a more general time frame and a promise more easily kept.)


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