The secret world of cats.


For several hours we were at a loss…We thought that for  the first time in the forty-plus years that we have owned cats,  we lost one….

We looked everywhere.  In the closets..deep into the corners.  Under sofas, under chairs, under the beds.  In the crates, in boxes.  On top of every item of furniture, every box,  inside cupboards.  We even looked in the garbage…inside and out.

We called her name…

.no response.

Where was Lollipop.?


It wasn’t the first time that we lost a cat or…thought we lost one.

Our first cat, Sam , was lost for hours .  Actually, we “lost” him twice…Once he disappeared and we saw him in the tree…across the street…a busy street!  Mom and I crossed the street, stood under the tree and begged him to come down out of the tree…Of course, we were spectacles there pleading up to a tree, begging our cat to come down.  He finally came down…I don’t remember just how we convinced him to come down but obviously he made it somehow.   The second time that he disappeared for hours, he was found in the drawer of our built-in china cabinets..

I could go on about Sam , our first cat , and the one responsible for my fanatic love for these wonderful creatures but I must get back to the subject.


After I found out the rewards of cat ownership(or being owned by a cat,) we purchased a Burmese female when we moved to Chicago…we paid $75 dollars and in 1963, this was a LOT of money!  When we moved back to the Cleveland area and wanted to find out if we had spent too much money, we entered her into a cat show.  We were complete novices and had NO idea but she WON and she continued to win, ribbon after ribbon, cat show after cat show and she was awarded the Best Female Burmese Cat in the USA!!  We mated her to the  BEST MALE BURMESE CAT IN THE USA.     One day while  she was pregnant with these very valuable kittens to be…and…John was out of town!!  I could hear her crying. She was nowhere to be found.  Finally , my worst fears were realized; she had fallen down the walls(we lived in a rented brick home!!!) and she was lost in the walls of the house. There was a small attic with a loose floor board.  We always tried to make sure that the cats could not get in that small attic place… But that door was open!

Talk about PANIC!

This was a nightmare.

Our sweet little (and very valuable) cat, pregnant with very valuable kittens was “buried” within the walls.  HOW IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT’S HOLY COULD WE EVER RESCUE HER?.  Of course, John wasn’t home, the kids were still young, in elementary school.  I couldn’t call the fire department and have the walls of a home that we didn’t own, torn open?  After a few hours, I heard our other cat, Sam…Sam was wailing(as only Sam could wail)  I ran to the basement and there he was looking from me to a duct…THERE SHE WAS.!  She had fallen down a duct and I was able to rescue her…TALK ABOUT RELIEF!  Thank you Sam.


Bim is the one with the lighter(sable) coat.



Another adventure took place with  another black cat, this time a female named “Motcka”  (Slovak for female cat)  Motchka was definitely John’s cat.  We had already moved down to FL with Motchka, Lilly(another cat) Zippy , our foundling dog (discovered on the side of the road and advertised by our Cleveland weatherman Dick Goddard during his “doggone dog” segment where he displayed “throwaways”)  Behind our home was a dead orange grove and then a very busy highway.  Between the dead grove and our backyard was a large wooden fence that sealed our homes off from the dead grove and the busy highway.  There was room under that fence for small animals to exit.  John was still teaching and before he left, he noticed that Motchka was nowhere to be found.  We called, we looked, everywhere…No Motchka.  We just knew that she had somehow got out through the back door and perhaps while exploring crawled through to the back dead orange grove and we just knew that she would die there, starving or possibly get run over on the busy highway.  Hours later, when John arrived home from school, he opened his dresser drawer and lo and behold, sleeping as comfy as could be was Motchka, oblivious to all of the calling and yelling her name…for six hours , she lay in contentment while we mourned her untimely death.

Motchka lived for 16 years before her death in 1992( the same year that we lost my mom, Zippy and Lilly)  It was not a good year.

But , after promising that we wouldn’t get any more pets, we got JouJou, our Bichon, Jolie, a tiger cat and Sasha, a Maine Coone in 1993.    While they were still very young, we moved to our present home.  It was after attending a party one Christmas season that instead of three pets meeting us at the door, there were only two!  No Jolie.  Where was Jolie?

After searching for what seemed to be hours and way past our bedtime, we finally found Jolie.  She was busy exploring cupboards since she was able to open any cupboard door and just had to find out what was in the drawer or door.  Of course, the cupboard door snapped closed and she was unable to get out.


The latest happened yesterday and this time …we knew that we had really lost Lollipop.  You see we had opened the door to take out an old toilet since John had installed a new toilet in our guest bath.  He said the last time he saw her was when she and Puff were looking out the open door.

Then…she disappeared.

As tired as John was, he couldn’t rest.  I couldn’t rest.  We looked for hours…There was not an inch of this house that had not been searched.  We just had to resign ourselves to the sadness of losing our little friend to a large bird of prey such as a hawk, an eagle or possibly an alligator(they do “travel” from pond to pond when the weather gets warm as it has been the past few days) or…a coyote.  There have been reports of coyotes preying on domestic cats in nearby Eustis.

Poor Lollipop.

Poor us.

We could only imagine how lonely and  how she possibly suffered.

And then..


She had that look with which we are very familiar….

Hi…You looking for me?

Where had she been?

…We will never know!

I’m just happy that she is safe.

Do you ever wonder why we humans suffer so under the ownership of these mysterious creatures?

If you are owned by a cat, you already  know the answer.


About puffpop

I am a great grandmother...married for 56 years I'm a retired German teacher and librarian...I've worked in both school and public libraries.
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