leaving a link.

I’m trying to leave a link on my seldom used Xanga site. However nothing seems to be working.


About puffpop

I am a great grandmother...married for 56 years I'm a retired German teacher and librarian...I've worked in both school and public libraries.
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5 Responses to leaving a link.

  1. Donna says:

    I clicked on the link, “puffpop” on Xanga to get here. I hope to see more either here or there. ~~Blessings to you & John on Good Friday.

  2. fauquet says:

    Last Saturday April 30 we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.
    You don’ t write on Xanga anymore .We have no news of you both.
    I am sorry .
    Que sont mes amis devenus ?

  3. jtqueenbee30 says:

    I haven’t been able to get on Xanga for so long…I’m upset that everything I wrote and posted is gone. But at least this is here. I guess if I really wanted my Xanga back I could pay for it, but I really don’t need them that badly.
    Glad to see you here!!!

  4. puffpop says:

    although this WordPress is much more difficult and I’m not sure that I want to bother…

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